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Mavikent, Kumluca - Antalya - Turkey



Do It - Transnature Outdoor / Fener - Antalya - Turkey


HavaSu, located at 280 m over the sea level, is designed perfectly matching the needs of Sport Fans. HavaSu is an ideal Sports Camp. For Discovering, Re-Creating & Keeping Alive ! Alternative Holiday The friendly and fun loving staff at the HavaSu Village await you with a warm welcome. A lively and warm family run place... Do you see any stars shinning on you over there?

If you are into astronomy, you will be leaving this place with complete satisfaction after you see the sky here with billions of stars shinning like little diamonds on it. And you'll thank yourself that you've chosen to take you out of that light pollution in the city, not letting you to see any stars anymore. And maybe you it'll be frightening to see all these since you'll never be able think that it is somehow possible to be alone in this universe.

If you like we'll be teaching you the names and the positions of the sky objects. So that you won't get confused when you see a huge round light; and know that it's Mars, not a helicopter, (that happened to me the first time I noticed Mars).

Do you have birds, trees or squarels around your home? If you are coming from a big city, the first two days are some off! Why so? Since we know that your ears are longing to hear the sound of the silence, and your eyes are begging not to see all those useless details that you see each and every day in the city. All because of these your brain needs at least two days to get used to this perfect conditions.

This place is the best to refresh your senses. And with all the senses coming back you'll remember how wonderful it is to be alive!! HavaSu is here to remind you what life indeed means.

If you want to spend a day relaxing, you can enjoy swimming or sunbathing at the beautiful beaches alongside fabulous bays of Mavikent. Or if you just want to stay inside HavaSu Camp, you may also enjoy our pool. You will be fascinated by the floral environment if you are into botany.


Hiking & Jogging
If you are keen on Hiking and Jogging, at HavaSu you will just find yourself on the edge of a desire to discover the endless beauty while you are jogging/hiking in the forest which lays just by the borders of your accommodation meanwhile offering you the best views of antique cities. While you are trekking you will enjoy the perfect combination of Hiking and experiencing the historical sites.

If you prefer to combine your trekking activity with and unforgettable experience of sightseeing tour, you may join our professional guided tour along the Lykia Road passing by the tracks of Gagae, Aktaş Beach, Zeytinlik, Kargılıdere, Kazanova, Papaz İskelesi, Karaoz, Pirates Bay, Gelidonya Light House, Adrasan Bay, Musa Tepesi, Olympos, Chimera. They are all on the Lycian Way ! From 100 meters to 15 km to HavaSu ! We just offer you a great area Jogging & Hiking experience with an endless energy ! Which you will be received it here.

Scuba Diving
Have you ever experienced the undersea world offering you a breathtaking three-dimensional view and a real adventure? Submerge yourself in the excitement of the underwater world and experience what it likes to live without gravity! Under the supervision of the professional divers of Diving School located near HavaSu, you have the chance of learning diving. At the end of a successful completion of your diving education, you will be awarded with International Diving Certificate (CMAS). If you already have a CMAS Certificate then submerge yourself in what you like in the fabulous diving sites just near HavaSu.

Boat Trips
Enjoy the beauty of numerous bays with the daily boat trips. If you want you can also join 3 to 4 day Cruises. You dream of beautiful bays and we help your dreams come true, just imagine! Tours can be arranged as daily or 3-4 daylong.

Rock Climbing
Rock Climbing and Abseiling will be a great experience by the Rock Climbing Paths just near HavaSu, newly opened places for experienced climbing fans and for the ones who would like to experience climbing.

Tree Climbing
Tree Climbing will be a very nice enjoyment at HavaSu for the ones who like climbing. There are very beautiful and big Pine Trees at HavaSu that you will desire to climb them.! Very enjoyable, funny and low risk.

Mountain Bike
Whether you are a biking enthusiast or a casual Saturday biker, biking at HavaSu will be a real experience. You may just hit the roads with your picnic basket and choose a bay to have a break for swimming or to do whatever you like. Also, you may enjoy the professionally guided group tours. This will help you to get rid of the negative energy inside and save some positive energy.

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Çankaya - Ankara - Turkey




Paintsign Paintball / Çankaya - Ankara - Turkey


Our firm's headquarter is in Ankara. Paintball games take place four seasons in our central facility at Çankaya Field, Kızılcahamam Jungle Field and Ilgaz Lake Hotel Field. In addition, where ever you are in Turkey, you can contact us and get information about our mobile fields in order to include paintball to your outdoor organizations.

Besides, by using paintball with the support of professional instructors, you can give "Stress Management and Team Construction" education to your personnel. For details of the paintball organizations for firms please contact us.

Safety first, entertainment next is our motivation for years. Our dedication to our job and the experience of long years and thousands of organizations gives us the power to provide you the best paintball experience in its safest way. Our guests always find the best recball and speedball fields with maintained and cronographed markers, new goggles and seasoned professional refs.

Paintsign is also the major equipment provider in Turkey for both fields and players. Tippmann, Scott, Dye, Proto, Toroball, Boost-Air and many more leading brands can be found in our Paintball Market with the best prices and technical support.

Paintsign Paintball is now at Çankaya - Muhye, just 5 minutes from Atakule. You will exactly find more than a few barriers in this 15.000 m2 huge field which is constructed at a former factory building ! The 1.000 m2 factory building with a second floor just in the middle of the field adds lots of strategic varieties and adrenaline to the games and gives the players the opportunity to play different scenarios like Hostage and Defend the Bunker.

Paintballs are sold in factory sealed boxes. We do not accept returned paintballs. Our bus arrives at the meeting point 1,5 hours before the organization starts, and brings back the participants to the same point after the games end.

Çankaya Arena Activities
Paintball, Table tennis, Frees bee, Dart, Kite, Chess, backgammon, Desk games, Playground, Indoor/outdoor cafe, Barbecue

You can find hot, cold drinks, variety of fast food in our cafe and as an addition you can make barbecue with the stuff that you can get from our cafe. You will forget all about the stressful city life in our huge green garden which serves you as an isolated secret place in the middle of the city!

Schedule and Fees for Çankaya Arena
In Muhye Field, the paintball games take place in form of 2 hour periods. Our recball scenario field is open between 10:00-24:00 and our speedball field is pen between 11:00-21:00.

You can even play 2v2 in our Recball field but for an enjoyable game, its better you come with at least 7-8 friends. We recommend a maximum of 12v12 in for our recball field. We are accepting min 10, max 14 players for our speedball field. But if your group is more than these numbers, we can arrange a tournament for you if you inform us during reservation.

All the players receive a "meeting - introduction form" and a fifteen-minute briefing before the game. So, we recommend you to arrive at least 30 minutes earlier than the organization start in order not to lose any playing time.

Field Choices

Recball Field
A real scenario field with hundreds of barriers and the factory building ! 8000 m2 scenario field with many bunkers and a factory building in the middle.

Fee Includes
1,5 hours game time, 100 Paintballs per person, Uniform, Tippmann Custom 98 Semi-Auto Paintball Marker, Protective Goggles, Professional Refs

Game Times
10:00 - 11:30, 12:00 - 13:30, 14:00 - 15:30, 16:00 - 17:30, 18:00 - 19:30, 20:00 - 21:30, 22:00 - 23:30, 24:00 - 01:30

Indoor Field
You can play just inside the factory building if you wish. This field is for small groups, rainy days and for people who just want to try something different !

Speedball Field
A professional speedball field with artificial grass ground and 36 air bunkers including a 6 meter high X for the players who love speed ! As an addition to these our cafe and desks that you can watch the games are waiting for you ! 2000 m2 speedball field with 36 air bunkers and artificial grass ground.

Fee Includes : 1,5 hours game time, 50 Paintballs per person, Tippmann Custom 98 Semi-Auto Paintball Marker, Protective Goggles, Professional Refs

Game Times : 11:00 - 12:30, 13:00 - 14:30, 15:00 - 16:30, 17:00 - 18:30, 19:00 - 20:30

The paintball field is set on a jungle zone of 10.000 m2 in Çamkoru National Park which is 1 hour away from the city centre. The players can make use of the utilities of our Hotel.

Our Çamkoru National Park organization starts at 8:30 with the bus taking the group from a designated place. During the way to Çamkoru, which lasts approximately an hour, tea, coffee and pastry are served. When arrived at Çamkoru National Park a break is given at the lounge of our Hotel in front of the fireplace for 45 minutes. During the break, while our guests rest in the relaxing atmosphere of our Hotel, they fill in the "player information form" and take the briefing about paintball.

After 45 minutes, our guests are transferred to the paintball area in the jungle. After the field is presented to the players, the games start. Players play paintball as long as they want until it gets dark. Tournaments are produced according to the numbers of teams and all kinds of scenarios can be applied depending on the players' wish. In addition to that, whenever wanted during the day, the barbecue is prepared and with hot/cold drinks and grills, our guests enjoy the picnic.

When it gets dark, the games end and the group returns to our Hotel. The cup ceremony is held here while hot drinks are served and the day is evaluated. After the photographs are taken, the journey back to Ankara begins. The organization ends with the arrival in Ankara after an hour of journey. You can reach to minute-by-minute schedule and fees of the Soğuksu National Park Organization from the schedule and fees page. Besides, we offer an alternative day in the unique nature of Çamkoru National Park with activities like trekking and orientation, and we can also arrange 2 day programmes for you by the use of our hotel.


Schedule and Fees for Ilgaz Dipsizgöl
Our organizations in Ilgaz Dipsizgöl include whole weekend. After the arrival at the hotel and lodging at the rooms, paintball games take place all day long and then the daily schedule ends with a barbecue party near lake. After lodging at the hotel that night, on Sunday, after the breakfast, weekend schedule ends with trekking or treasure hunting according to the preferences. Transportation fee is not included in the price. We offer transportation service to our guests who do not prefer to come by car.

Services Included in the Fee
Paintball games on Saturday, All the equipments that are necessary to play paintball, 100 paintballs per person, Trekking or treasure hunting according to preference on Sunday, Full board accommodation at our hotel.

Mobile Fields
You have the opportunity to experience the paintball excitement where ever you are in Turkey! Our mobile fields, which can be set up in the morning and can be unraveled right after the organization, can be built in the garden of a hotel, in a jungle zone or where ever you prefer. The organizations that we made in Antalya, Alanya, Izmir, Istanbul and Trabzon are examples of the paintball activities that we realized in many different places of Turkey until now. Safety, fun and convenient prices are standards of Paintsign Mobile Organizations.

Field Choices

Recball Field: A real scenario field with hundreds of barriers and the factory building !
Indoor Field: You can play just inside the factory building if you wish. This field is for small groups, rainy days and for people who just want to try something different !

Speedball Field: A professional speedball field with artificial grass ground and 36 air bunkers including a 6 meter high X for the players who love speed !
As an addition to these our cafe and desks that you can watch the games are waiting for you !


Tippmann Custom 98 : For many years unrivalled, the most ideal marker for field use. Even under difficult conditions it works by the ideal performance and a classic you can trust while playing. Before you start to play, you set it for once and after this time, whenever you press the trigger, you shoot a ball. According to the speed you fire, these Cystom 98s will enable you to fire 7-8 shots per second.

Power of shooting : Half-automatic, 7-8 per second, Caliber : 68, Weight : 1,93 kg, Length : 74,8 cm, Barrel : 23 cm, Power supply : Carbondioxide (CO2), Range : 50 meter, Safety : Trigger lock


Scott: Paintball goggle in worldwide standards by Scott, one of the pioneers for the production of various glasses and accessories for many extreme sports such as skiing and motor sports besides Paintball. Produced with policarbon (shatterproof) glass and protects you the best from the paintballs in the field.

Uniforms : Not only protects you from the balls but also stops the speed of the ball coming towards you. It is delightful to have your jerseys as a team with your name on your back, and your team logo on your chest; however, if you come to Paintsign after work or school, in case you have a pair of comfortable shoes, you can play delightful paintball games with our camouflage jerseys. There are two types of jerseys in Paintsign; summer and winter jerseys for our willing guests. Summer jerseys are made of airy fabrics and designed for you to avoid heat. Winter jerseys are made of impermeable fabrics and protects you from cold and rain.

Barrel plugs : Attached to the barrels out of the game field and prevents people without goggles to get hurt in the safe area in case unintentional shootings.


68 Caliber Paintballs
There is food dye inside of the balls and outside of them are made of gelatine. It takes maximum three weeks for them to waste away in nature. Being water-based, consisting non-toxin materials they do not contaminate nature and do not have any harm to human structure. In Paintsign, always high quality balls are being used. The difference of these balls from others is having less probability to burst in markers but more on the target and their bright color could easily be distinguished from farther places.


The Game Rules
Below are the basic rules of paintball based on the professional rule book. A detailed briefing about the rules will be given before the games.

* When you are hit and marked by a paintball, you announce that you are hit and leave the field directly. If you fail to do that, your team receives penalty points.
* If the paintball mark on you is smaller than a quarter-sized splat, it is an invalid shot. If a splat spreads on you from a different place (for example when you kneel on a painted trench) it is called "spray". In both situations, the ref may call you "out" by looking at the quantity of the paint on you.
* If a player, whom you think you have hit, continues to play, you may make him checked by showing this opponent to the judge and saying "paintcheck".
* You may ask for help from the nearest judge if you have a problem (such as your CO2 gas is over) during the game by saying "control".
* In both "paintcheck" and "control" situations, the player who is being checked is "neutral". During being checked, nobody can shoot this player; this player cannot shoot anyone neither. The hits which are made during these situations are invalid.
* If the game stops for whatever reason, no player can change his location.
* During the game, players can exchange all kinds of paintball gear, however, they cannot take materials from an eliminated player.
* The players cannot pass across the field boundaries. They are eliminated if they do so.
* Eliminated players cannot reveal the opponent team's movements or intents verbally or by movements.
* Alcohol is prohibited before or during the game.

The Safety Rules
* Taking goggles off in the field is not permitted.
* Players must lock in the safety locks of their markers outside the playing field.
* All kinds of physical contact with opponents such as pushing/pulling is prohibited.
* It is not permitted to shoot a player with a barrel leaned against him.
* It is not permitted to shoot players who are eliminated, surrendered, being checked by the judges. It is also prohibited to shoot towards people in the safety zone.
* When your CO2 gas is over or there is a problem about the gas which is actually a small possibility- ask for help from judges. Since CO2 is a freezing gas, it can cause local freezing in the area that it contacts for a long time.
* You should play paintball with the clothes which cover your whole body that Paintsign provides you.

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Göreme - Nevşehir - Turkey



Rainbow Ranch Horse Center / Göreme - Nevşehir - Turkey


A long time ago, two volcanos, Erciyes and Hasan erupted and Cappadocia was created - a fairytale -like area with extraordinary rock formations, hundreds of these valleys Göreme is situated - a little village where people still live according to the old traditions.

Here we find Rainbow Ranch from where it is possible to make tours through the valleys of Cappadocia by horse. For experienced and non-experienced horse - riders as well, this is a perfect way to see Cappadocia. Of course you will be accompanied by professional guides.

Discover Cappadocia By Horse... Several trips of 2 or 3 hours or whole days are possible for a reasonable price. For groups ,tours of more days are possible.

Every day The guarantee Depart

2 Hours
Depart morning 09:00 - 11:00, Depart Afternoon 13:00 - 15:00, Depart Evening 18:00 - 20:00
Rose Valley - Blue Valley - Çavuşin Old Village - Love Valley - Göreme
( Evening Riding Sunset )

4 Hours
Depart morning 08:00 - 12:00, Depart Evening 16:00 - 20:00 )
Swords Valley - Rose Valley - White Valley - Çavuşin - Paşabağ - Zelve - Görceli
( Afternoon Riding Sunset )

All Day
Depart 09:00 Finish After Sunset
Swords Valley - Rose Valley - White Valley - Çavuşin - Paşabağ - Zelve - Love Valley - Uçhisar Pigeon Valley - Görceli - Sunset in Sunset Point in Göreme
( Lunch in Love Valley Picnic )

Full Moon Riding
Rose Valley - Blue Valley - Çavuşin Old Village - Love Valley - Göreme

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